A Call for Insurance Pioneers

The Ask Kodiak platform helps insurers organize and easily share markets, products, and programs internally, with retail agencies, or with customers.  Said another way, we’re an insurance search engine.

In conjunction with initial customer partners we’ve been hard at work lately on new offerings to support Managing General Agencies, Program Writers, Wholesalers, and Agent Alliances/Affinity Groups.

We’re excited about the direction so far, but we know insurance well enough to know it’s complicated and that one size doesn’t fit all. So we’re looking for more input.

If your company matches the description above and you have 2018 initiatives to engage retailers, update product content on your website, or build internal product search for your team, you may be a pioneer. We promise you won’t have to ford any rivers or fight off dysentery, but we could use your feedback on some things. If you’re interested, contact us via our website or drop us an email at hi [at] askkodiak.com.

Circling the wagons,

Team AK

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