Adam Riese launches bicycle and e-bike coverage

Adam Riese , the digital brand of the Wüstenrot & Württembergische Group, has launched new bicycle and e-bike insurance. The product is available via brokers, comparison portals and via the direct channel at

The ‘high-performance’ insurance for e-bikes and bicycles can be taken out at an ‘excellent price-performance’ ratio in two tariff variants XL and XXL in the direct channel as well as “Besser” and “Giant” in the brokerage segment. The sum insured can be freely chosen by the insured person up to a maximum of 10,000 euros. E-bikes, pedelecs or bicycles that are not subject to compulsory insurance or registration can be insured.

The highest benefit level “giant” of the bicycle and e-bike insurance also offers, among other things:

  • Protection against accidental damage, moisture damage, broken cables and animal bites on the wiring.
  • Protection against battery wear within five years of bike purchase.
  • Protection against vandalism.
  • Protection against storms, hail or floods and avalanches.
  • Protection against operating errors and improper handling.
  • Puncture protection throughout Europe.
  • Worldwide coverage for repairs.
  • Insurance for bicycle trailers, accessories and luggage carried on up to 2,000 euros.

The most extensive product line also has a special feature: In this variant, insured persons receive a bonus in the form of an increased sum insured of 10 percent on a replacement bike and even a 20 percent bonus for a second-hand bike in the event of a total loss of the bike. Adam Riese thus assures environmentally friendly recycling in a particularly advantageous manner. In addition, an additional breakdown service can be selected for e-bikes, which is available 24/7.

“Bicycles, but especially e-bikes, are being used more and more as a daily alternative to the car or public transport. The way to work is also increasingly being traveled by e-bike. Adam Riese sees the new bicycle insurance as an opportunity to further position itself in the e-mobility market and to focus on sustainable means of transport.” – Julian Grauer, CEO of Adam Riese.