Aésio Mutuelle and Macif merge to form Aéma Groupe

AÉSIO mutuelle and MACIF Group announced the creation of Aéma Groupe , a mutual protection group resulting from the merger between the two companies.

The new entity currently serves 8 million members and relies on a network of 800 branches spread across the country and 14,000 employees. With an estimated turnover of more than 8 billion euros, Aéma Groupe offers support covering all stages of life through a full range of protection offers and solutions.

“With the birth of Aéma Groupe, we are opening a new page in the shared history between Aésio Mutuelle and Macif. Today we are one of the very first French mutualist groups of reference in terms of protection. Aéma Groupe has its destiny in hand to design a new future, in which we will provide, in the face of an increasingly changing and complex world, a different and united response to the policyholders who trust us. Together, we are stronger to promote our conception of mutualism, reconciling technical excellence and social utility.” – Pascal Michard Chairman of Aéma Groupe.

“We are proud today to have taken up the challenge and to announce, after 3 years of work, the birth of a key mutualist player in the insurance and social protection market. Standard bearer of an open and daring mutualism, our Group will be able to support its 8 million members and members with ever more innovative solutions.” – Patrick Brothier, vice-president of Aéma Groupe, president of UMG Aésio Macif.

“We are very happy with the birth of Aéma Groupe, a historic milestone in the history of Aésio Mutuelle and Macif. The creation of this new group is absolutely fundamental so that our values ​​as mutual insurers are expressed even more strongly, are reinforced and are reflected in our various actions, always for the benefit of our policyholders and of society. The culture of action and commitment permeates Aéma Groupe’s facility and will be our driving force to invent the protection of tomorrow.” – Adrien Couret, CEO of Aéma Groupe.