Ageas UK partners with video claims platform SightCall

Ageas UK has selected SightCall  as their partner to optimize the claims journey with real-time video communications.

SightCall is a visual support technology that enables Ageas UK agents to use live video to perform claims assessments remotely. Ageas UK customers can use an app on their smartphone to stream live video from the claim to the claims consultant handling their case. The consultant can see and document any damage, guiding the customer through the claims process with live AR annotations. SightCall will also be used in other parts of the claims process, making it easier for the Ageas UK claims team to efficiently share information.

“Ageas UK is dedicated to making insurance easy for our customers, and SightCall allows a customer to show us exactly what’s happened. During the pilot with SightCall, we settled around 35% of claims on the very first call. This is more than just a useful app; it has tangibly improved the flow and quality of information from our customers, allowing us to put things right as quickly as possible.” – Claims Director Ageas UK, Robin Challand.

“SightCall is excited to partner with Ageas UK on their digital claims journey. They are taking a progressive approach to insurance and reimagining the way that they interact with their customers and craftsmen through digital touch points. We look forward to building on this partnership.” – VP of Sales at SightCall, James Doyle.