AIA Makes New Promises

On the subject of ‘let’s not do the wrong thing’, Hong Kong-based AIA has announced its new brand promise back in Sep.: Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.

Healthier: Because when you’re healthier, you get more out of life. You can do more. Experience more. And live more.
Longer: Because when you’re healthy, you get more time to enjoy an active and meaningful life.
Better: Because it’s not just about staying alive, it’s about quality of life. About living well. Living life to the fullest.

“I am proud to play a role in supporting AIA to bring its new brand promise to life. I really believe in the need for people to take small steps to make healthier decisions and take better care of themselves. I am looking forward to supporting AIA to spread this message as they help millions of people across Asia to live healthier, longer, better lives.” – AIA’s Global Ambassador, David Beckham.

Healthier, Longer, Better Lives will underpin all of AIA’s marketing activities going forward, in close alignment to AIA Vitality, a transformational initiative that is allowing AIA to engage with customers to encourage and empower them to make significant improvements in their health and reward them for doing so. More information about AIA Vitality can be found at here.