AIG Retirement Services launches FutureFIT Wellness Check

AIG Retirement Services announced the launch of FutureFIT Wellness Check, an interactive assessment tool to help retirement plan participants take action for their financial future.

FutureFIT Wellness Check guides and supports individuals in developing a personalized action plan to help achieve financial goals. It provides direct access to the fundamentals of financial wellness – budgets, emergency savings, debt management, student loans and retirement planning – and is available to all eligible employees, not just active retirement plan participants.

To get started, users answer a few questions about their spending, debt, retirement plan contributions and savings goals. Based on these responses, FutureFIT Wellness Check then creates a personalized education program and action plan, selecting from a “deep set of resources” to align with the needs and goals of the individual.

“This Financial Literacy Month, we are excited to launch our new financial wellness tool that is fast, simple and engaging. AIG Retirement Services is committed to making retirement planning easier and accessible for all, and FutureFIT Wellness Check is the latest example of our work to leverage user experience best practices to educate and motivate. We are always looking for ways to help people feel more confident about their future. It’s Financial Literacy Month, and we are taking advantage of the moment to work with public sector and nonprofit employers across the country to help their employees, no matter where they are in their career or their financial journey.” – Gilliane Isabelle, chief distribution officer, AIG Retirement Services.