AIG Safe Life Powered by Shapa

The Israeli subsidiary of AIG has introduced AIG Safe Life, an initiative that rewards life insurance policyholders up to 25% of their policy premium for staying active.  

Following AIG Safe Drive (read: usage-based auto insurance) and AIG Safe Home (read: smart home insurance), AIG Safe Life offers users a mobile app developed by Shapa that tracks body movements, translates them into metric values ​​(MET) and then points, which are displayed to the user. And the more points –> the more savings. Here’s How It WorksOnce a week, a user receives his personal weekly report with the number of points credited to him during the past week. At most, a user can accumulate up to 2 points a week, for a total of 104 possible points each year, which will earn him up to 25% in savings during renewal. Keyword: Renewal.