Alex Dabell: Why I’m Joining Dialogue as CTO

Blog by Alex Dabell.

I am incredibly excited to join Dialogue as Chief Technology Officer.

Technology for complex risk insurance is hard. A digital complex risk insurance marketplace has got to be the hardest. I thought only those with the deepest pockets and the most privileged access could play in this space. And then earlier this year I came across Dialogue.

In two short years the founder Ben, ex-Aon and in his early 30’s, and team have built a platform to negotiate and bind complex risks in one of the most interesting, and dare I say unapproachable, classes in the space, Trade Credit and Political Risk. Last week an incredible milestone was passed as Miller Insurance Services bound their first risk on the platform. This is no ordinary achievement!

I arrive from the specialty broking house Price Forbes, where, for the last four years, I had been working alongside brokers to build out their client facing technology offering. In this time we digitised the market sheet and structuring process, added easy risk data ingestion, real time CAT modelling, pricing and visualisation, integrated with back-office systems, built an early Whitespace integration proof of concept, as well as a foundational layer of broking infrastructure, a kind of internal exchange, that could handle all kinds of facilitised business.  This system is called EDGE (links below).

My time at Price Forbes was incredible and formative. I wish them all the best, I know they have a bright, technological future ahead of them!

Dialogue has already implemented some real innovations, including integrating counterparty data on Dialogue directly into underwriter systems and, an easy to use, rich rules engine, allowing any underwriter to automatically triage their complex risks. We have big plans to extend the rules engine to re-imagine what the subscription market could become in a digital world. 

I can’t wait to crack on.  

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Dialogue’s first deal:

EDGE explainer:

EDGE press:

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