Allane Mobility Group to offer embedded insurance from ELEMENT

Allane Mobility Group , a specialist for vehicle leasing and full-service solutions in Germany, has expanded its range of services and is now offering “Allane return protection” insurance to private and commercial customers. at. The new offering is in collaboration with ELEMENT , a full-service B2B2X insurance platform. The return protection insurance provides Allane lessees with comprehensive protection against unexpected costs that can arise when returning a leased vehicle due to reduced value. The insurance covers a wide range of damage, including paint damage, scratches, dents, dents, interior, trunk and rim damage.

The “Allane return protection” applies if the lessor asserts justified claims for compensation resulting from reduced value due to excessive use of the vehicle. It applies to private and commercial leasing for up to ten vehicles with a kilometer leasing contract. The insurance is available for cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons registered in Germany. The maximum insured value is 210,000 euros. The return protection insurance can be taken out a maximum of one year before and eight weeks after the handover of the vehicle, whereby the term of the insurance contract corresponds to the term of the respective leasing contract. The compensation payment amounts to a maximum of EUR 3,000 net per leasing contract.

With “Allane return protection”, Allane acts as an intermediary, with the insurance contract being concluded between the lessee and ELEMENT. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, Allane SE will continue to strive to continuously expand its product and service offering in the future in order to further strengthen its position in the leasing market.