Allianz Indian IT Hub: 3,400 Employees. 100 Bots. 1 Mission.


German insurer Allianz has chosen India to spearhead the automation of the insurance giant’s operations. Specifically the southern city of Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, and a major IT hub, responsible for 80% of Kerala’s software exports. Moving on. Allianz employs some 3,400 employees at Trivandrum; all on a mission to lay the foundation for a program designed to automate key parts of the business. For instance, the team is working on streamlining Allianz Business System, which is used to calculate premiums and process claims for policyholders, yet different countries use different versions of the system. The end goal would be to replace the system with an updated and harmonized version, keyed and coded in Trivandrum. Bottom Line: Trivandrum is home to the global test factory of Allianz .