Allstate Canada partners with Willful

Allstate Canada announced a new national partnership with Willful, an online will service provider. With the partnership, Allstate customers will have access to simplified estate planning tools to complement the company’s existing prevention and protection products and services. This is the first partnership of its kind for both organizations and responds to “an increased focus on emergency planning among Canadians.”

Since launching in 2017, Willful has helped Canadians in eight provinces create over 50,000 documents . With the partnership, Allstate agents in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia will highlight the Willful offering to customers and inform them about the importance of a will as a complement to home and auto insurance. Allstate customers new to Willful will receive a 20% discount for creating a will.

“We’re excited to break new ground as we expand the services we can offer our customers by partnering with a digital estate planning company. A benefit of being an Allstate customer is having access to our suite of prevention and protection partners that go beyond home and auto insurance. Insuring a home or vehicle is an important step, but so is planning for the future. One of the ways we can guide our customers to finding peace of mind is helping them know their loved ones are taken care of.” – Marcelo Regen, VP, Allstate Brand Innovation & Chief Customer Officer.

“Canadians have been turning to Allstate for decades to protect their largest assets, but while most Canadians are focused on accumulating wealth, many don’t think about how to pass that on efficiently, and that’s where Willful comes in. We’re thrilled to launch this partnership so more Canadians will be protected and we can help them plan for the future.” – Erin Bury, CEO, Willful.