Allstate to Drop its Drive-in Inspection Stations

According to RDN, Allstate has told collision repairers it will stop using its drive-in inspection stations in favor of QuickFoto Claim. Recall: QuickFoto Claim is a feature within the Allstate app that allows policyholders to settle their claims without the need to visit an adjuster or a repair shop.



Here’s how it works. A policyholder is asked to take ~3 photos of the damaged area as well as a picture of all 4 corners of the vehicle and the VIN. The intel is submitted via the app and sent to an adjuster for review. That simple. “Findings from a recent test validated that QuickFoto Claim continues to be a viable option for inspecting vehicle damage and showed that customers embrace this option. For this reason, Allstate has begun a countrywide transition from drive-in inspection centers to a virtual experience. By this summer, we expect the vast majority of drivable auto claims to be virtually inspected countrywide – starting with Texas and California” – Allstate auto claims line management director Sandee Lindorfer wrote in a recent message to Good Hands direct repair network shops. Also, customers that prefer to submit a claim the old-fashioned way, will still be able to have an estimate done at a direct repair shop, or via an adjuster traveling to their house. Bottom Line: for now, adjusters get to keep their jobs, but from a desk . Anna must be pleased.