Allstate Launches Augmented Reality Experience

In recognition of National Fire Prevention Week, Allstate has released Escape Route, a new Allstate Mobile app feature, to help families create and practice fire escape plans using augmented reality (AR).

Allstate Mobile’s Escape Route helps customers create a plan to protect themselves and their families when disaster strikes. Escape Route uses a mobile phone camera to add a virtual image to real-life surroundings. Users mark a starting point, trace a route and designate an exit point at least 50 feet away from their home. The app then overlays the route on users’ real-life surroundings. Families can review and access their virtual plan at any time.

Allstate policy owners must log in to Allstate Mobile to access the Escape Route experience.

Bottom Line: only one insurer gets it. Earlier this summer, GEICO introduced GEICO Explore, an augmented reality experience that allows anyone (not just GEICO members) to locate their car, locate the nearest and cheapest gas station, and locate hot spots. In other words, one is focusing on users, while the other is focusing on customers. Mind the difference here.