Allstate Targets the Gig Economy

Allstate has announced its partnership with Business Talent Group (BTG) to serve the specific needs of high-end independent business consultants in the BTG network, or more specifically to offer the Allstate Business Shield for BTG program. BTG is a CA-based company that was established in 2007 to help businesses find on-demand talent. It deploys consultants, project managers and executives in whatever combination the situation requires. Also, it has raised ~$10.5M since inception.

“By placing valuable tools and resources conveniently in one place, we’ve created a one-stop experience for consultants. We are committed to helping small business owners succeed and providing value beyond the insurance transaction. We help business owners manage the risks they face so they can focus on their clients, not their insurance” – president of Allstate Business Insurance Mike Barton. By one-stop experience, Barton is referring to Allstate’s newish small business flow:



PS. Remember when Allstate teamed up with Capital One, LegalZoom, Microsoft, Office Depot and to launch a portal called Small Business Connection that’s dedicated to small business owners?


That was back in 2015. This is now:

That bad.

PS. When we think freelancers, we think of Bunker and Muno.