Allstate’s Signature Motor Club Partners With Family Safety App

“Parents want to know their kids are safe whenever they leave the house and especially when they get on the road. We care about the safety of teens and their families. So, we’re making roadside assistance services available through a new safety app called Family Kuvrr.” – President of Allstate Roadside Services, Pam Dufour.


Signature Motor Club, a subsidiary of Allstate, now offers roadside assistance via the Family Kuvrr app, which allows parents to track and monitor their children and families. Designed by ArmourGrid, Family Kuvrr is a comprehensive family safety app offering geo monitoring/fencing, emergency/SOS alerts, device usage/alerts, device control and emergency roadside assistance.



Drivers can get roadside assistance through the app, with options to track and share the location of the service provider with family and friends. Drivers can either pay-per-use and request services like a tow, jump start or tire change, or they can sign up for a roadside assistance membership.


“We’re excited to partner with Allstate’s Signature Motor Club to deliver on our promise of providing smart, highly innovative and affordable family safety and security solutions to families. By using seamless integration, we are staying true to our mission of delivering a single app to provide at home, at school, at play or on the go safety and peace of mind to families.” – President & CEO of ArmourGrid, Sanjeev Arora.


Bottom Line: a team of ~3 and an app that launched last month.