Amica discontinues Home Check app

Amica Insurance has announced the discontinuation of its Home Check by Amica inventory app as of August 31. After this date, users will no longer be able to log in or access the Tasks and Inventory features of the app. However, Amica policy discounts via smart home devices that were added to the Devices tab will continue to be available.

According to John West’s LinkedIn profile, he served as the Product Owner for the Home Check from Amica app. The app targeted both policyholders and non-customers and was considered an element in the corporate loss mitigation strategy. Among its features, the app allowed users to schedule home maintenance tasks, provided educational content, and included a home inventory function.

In a separate development, Dwellbeing by Liberty Mutual is no longer available either. Launched by Liberty Mutual’s innovation arm Solaria Labs in 2018, Dwellbeing was a home maintenance service designed to encourage homeowners to take a proactive approach in managing the health of their homes. The service aimed to ease stress, reduce risk, and protect homes and families. While the initial intent was to make the service available to the broader public later that year, the app remained exclusive to Liberty Mutual and Safeco home insurance clients for three years. As of at least five months ago, the app was removed from the App Store, indicating that it is no longer accessible.