Amodo and UNIQA joined to launch the first truly usage-based casco insurance – Smart kasko

UNIQA osiguranje and Amodo, an award-winning insurtech company, joined to launch the first casco insurance in Croatia that can be activated/deactivated as needed and is fully contracted and controlled by the client via a mobile application. Smart kasko is available to all drivers in Croatia since July 2021.  

The seamless blending of Amodo’s Pay as You Drive and Pay How You Drive smartphone-based technologies grants its uniqueness. UNIQA clients can also enjoy the benefits of driving safely, as they get rewarded for each safe journey. Additionally, due to the Try Before You Buy model, they can try the application for free for 30 days before making a purchase decision. 

This innovative application offers a fully comprehensive motor insurance product. Customers can choose between two types of packages: a basic and an extended one. The first one is consumed yearly and covers a wide range of stationary risks. The second one is consumed on a kilometer basis. The users buy a pre-paid package of a certain number of kilometers (100, 300 or 1200 km) for which they need coverage and select when to be covered. 


“Smart kasko is the future of safe driving, a digital innovation we created by thinking about the needs of a client who does not want to pay a full policy but wants to pay as much as he drives and how he drives. Smart kasko will increase safety, raise awareness of responsible driving, and with all this it is extremely easy. We invite drivers to try it for free and see for themselves the benefits of tracking driving,” said Sabine Usaty, General manager of UNIQA osiguranje.

With the help of Amodo technology, UNIQA International gave the Croatian drivers a unique proposition fully adjusted to their needs. In the last 8 years, Amodo has implemented over 40 usage-based projects worldwide and gained global recognition, traction, and acceptance. Today Amodo is positioned as one of the leading UBI solution providers. 


“We are excited to partner with UNIQA osiguranje and to bring the new smartphone-based solution on the European market,” says Marijan Mumdziev, CEO of Amodo. “It’s truly great to be working with such an innovative insurance company as we are together disrupting the insurance industry. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.” 

About UNIQA 

UNIQA osiguranje d.d. was established in 1999 as a company of the UNIQA Group and has been operating on the Croatian market since 2000. The company offers all forms of property and personal insurance and sells its products and services through its own sales staff, agents and brokers. The company is reinsured mostly within UNIQA Group (UNIQA Re AG, UNIQA Insurance Group AG, UNIQA Osterreich Versicherungen AG) and at the most renowned global insurers such as Axa Corporate Solutions Reinsurance Co, Lloyds, Munich Re, Swiss Re etc. 

UNIQA osiguranje d.d. has around 550 employees, more than 470 000 clients and 50 sales offices all around the country. With the support of the parent company and cooperation with partners, UNIQA launches innovative new products, showing that it recognizes the customer needs and follows market trends in a timely manner. 

About Amodo 

Amodo is an insurtech company on a mission to disrupt the insurance industry. The Amodo Connected Insurance Platform enables insurers to deliver tailor-made products by gathering and contextualizing behavioral data by turning users’ smartphones into powerful telematics sensors. Over the past eight years, Amodo launched more than 40 different Connected Insurance Products worldwide, with some of the leading companies such as AIG, Porsche Insurance, BNP Paribas Cardif Insurance, UNIQA, and many others. Amodo was named by Financial Times as one of the top 5 Insurtech companies globally, is a winner of a prestigious Digital Insurance Agenda Diamond Award in 2020, and has been named by Frost and Sullivan as the Best Practice Leader in the Usage-Based Insurance market in 2021. 

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