Annexus partners with John Hancock

Designer and distributor of indexed annuity and index universal life products Annexus has partnered with John Hancock  to launch a new John Hancock Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance solution.

“As Annexus continues to grow and push the boundaries of what’s possible in life insurance and retirement planning, it only made sense to work with John Hancock, one of the most prestigious and respected players in the protection IUL space. We’re excited about bringing Annexus innovation to this life insurance leader and our distribution partners.” – Ron Shurts, co-founder and CEO, Annexus.

“This collaboration with Annexus enables us to expand our indexed account offerings to continue to meet our customers’ evolving needs. Our work with Annexus will also extend the reach of John Hancock’s Vitality Program, a solution that offers long-term financial protection as well as significant savings and rewards customers for steps taken towards a longer, healthier, better life.” – Neal Kerins, Vice President of Product Development, John Hancock.