Announcing Aviva Ally

Aviva Canada has launched Aviva Ally, a solution that provides commercial insurance brokers with a variety of ways to submit their small business insurance application and access Aviva’s new small business coverage, Aviva Onpoint™ insurance.

Launched last November, Aviva Onpoint™ insurance is tailor-made coverage for small businesses; specifically targeting segments in business and professional services, contracting, and retail, with the option to adjust coverage amounts and deductibles for businesses with revenue up to $5m.

Aviva conducted over 100 hours of interviews with brokers across Canada to gain insights into what was most important to them in the small business insurance space. Four themes emerged: (1) Small business isn’t as simple as it once was – brokers are challenged to find ways to accommodate the needs of small businesses that are growing and changing in today’s economy. (2) Brokers want to spend more time providing consultation and advice to clients, and less time on administrative tasks. (3) Brokers want to connect with insurers using a workflow that best suits their needs. (4) A broker’s relationship with the underwriter is still of paramount importance.

Aviva Ally aims to address these findings and provide brokers with three pathways to submit their small business insurance application: (1) Ally Email – Brokers can continue to keep working as they do today by sending their quote requests through their standard Aviva new business email address. Aviva Ally Underwriters are standing by to service small business submissions quickly and promptly. (2) Ally Express – For brokers who want to receive a quick quote, they can submit an insurance application by email and receive an automated email response with an Aviva Onpoint™ insurance quote right away. Brokers can even customize the application with their brokerage logo – making it easy for them to submit the same application to other markets, and eliminating the need to fill out multiple versions. (3) Ally Digital Portal – For brokers who are comfortable getting a quote on their own, the digital portal offers a quick and intuitive experience. Within just a few minutes and in four easy steps, a broker can quote, bind and pay for an Aviva Onpoint™ insurance policy, and can even download a completed application and submit it to other markets.

Bottom Line: Agents are drowning and Aviva’s describing the water.