Anorak’s Life Insurance API is Live

Meet Anorak :



Think: a company that was established in July to “build the world’s smartest independent insurance advisor“. It was founded by David Vanek and Vincent Durnez, and is backed by Kamet, an insurtech startup studio funded by AXA. Anorak is building a new model for buying life insurance that enables people to make the right choice by offering tailored advice about their life and risks, powered by data science and machine learning. Also, the company offers an API for partners who wish to integrate with its services. Last, AXA holds 75% or more of the shares in Anorak, which is the trading name of Policy Angel UK Limited. Click here.


Did you know? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Anorak has two meanings: (1) “a usually pullover hooded jacket long enough to cover the hips” (2) “a person who is extremely enthusiastic about and interested in something that other people find boring“.


Bottom Line: there are 8.5 million peeps in the UK without life insurance that Anorak is betting on.