Answering the Why of AI

Artificial Intelligence for optimal decision making has taken the insurance industry by storm. The majority of customer experience (CX) solutions use AI to answer the “What” of a customer interaction, typically by way of a predictive score. However, these solutions fail to answer “Why” this prediction is the best outcome for your customer and your business.


Logical Glue helps Lenders and Insurance organizations make better decisions with a highly intuitive and user-friendly Machine Learning Platform. It helps business users and data scientists to interact with their data with ease. Both capital light and with rapid time to value, our platform allows you to fully exploit your data to access the best decisions possible.


Our current clients have benefitted by a typical 5-20% uplift in profit. Designed for business domain experts and data analysts as well as data scientists, we’re making it easier than ever before to go from raw data to real-time predictive decisions, using a code-free, intuitive UI which integrates next generation computational intelligence techniques.


Logical Glue has already helped insurers to realize:

>15% increase in customer conversions
>12% in customer retention
>10% reduction in collections cost
>8% reduction in fraudulent claims


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