APOLLO Insurance launches rent credit reporting, powered by Zenbase

Canadian insurance startup APOLLO Insurance announced that they now offer credit reporting services to their customers, through a new partnership with Zenbase .

Founded in 2021, Zenbase offers automated rent reporting and split rent payments. Through its solution, Zenbase enables users to report their rental payments automatically to Equifax, allowing them to establish or strengthen their creditworthiness.

“APOLLO’s digital first and resident centric approach to insurance makes them an ideal partner for Zenbase. As part of our mission to redesign rent payments for the financial health of unbanked or underbanked individuals, including newcomers, this partnership will make rental reporting available to more residents and create substantial ESG value for all stakeholders.” – Koray Oztekin, Zenbase Founder and CEO.

APOLLO customers can access exclusive rates to use Zenbase to report current and past rent payments to Equifax, helping them build their credit. Building credit can help Canadians reduce interest payments and save money on financial products.

“A healthy credit score goes hand in hand with other aspects of a tenant’s risk management strategy, so offering Zenbase’s solution alongside their insurance makes sense for our customers. We are excited to work with Zenbase to continue to add value to our customers with this tool.” – Jeff McCann, Founder and CEO of APOLLO.