Argo Surety partners with Trisura Group

Argo Group announced an agreement with Trisura to support its surety underwriting operations as it works to revamp and grow its surety business. Trisura will provide surety underwriting services and other services to support Argo’s surety operations. Argo will retain surety claims management responsibilities. The two companies intend to partner on and are actively negotiating appropriate terms related to shared surety and co-surety arrangements as well as fronting arrangements.

As one of the largest surety writers in Canada, Trisura is an experienced surety underwriter with more than 16 years in the business and deep expertise in underwriting commercial, contract and international surety.

“This partnership is an important step as we work to evolve Argo Surety. Trisura’s underwriting philosophy aligns with Argo Surety’s history of close partnerships, in-depth industry knowledge and commitment to creating specialty solutions for hard-to-place business. Through this partnership, we will build on our commitment to the surety business for our valuable broker partners while expanding our capacity for new business.” – Argo executive chairman and CEO, Thomas A. Bradley.

“Trisura is excited to partner with Argo to provide underwriting support and the same high level of service to Argo’s brokers and agents as they have come to expect from Argo. We are pleased to partner with Argo and believe the collaboration will expand support for both Argo and Trisura stakeholders. For Trisura’s North American surety platform, we are excited to continue negotiations to finalize terms to access Argo’s licensed and Treasury Listed paper in all U.S. jurisdictions and assess co-surety and shared surety opportunities together. The strategic partnership will advance both of our businesses across North America.” – Chris Sekine, President and CEO Trisura Canada.