Arity’s driving behavior database available to marketers

Allstate-backed mobility company Arity announced that Core Driving Risk Audiences is available to marketers via advertising and marketing data platforms. Marketers can now target messages to drivers based on their predictive driving risk, helping marketers optimize acquisition and profitability goals while providing consumers more relevant offers based on their driving segment.

Leveraging insights from nearly 100 million connections, Arity Core Driving Risk Audiences creates driver segments that allow marketers to provide relevant and meaningful offers to consumers based on telematics data. Leveraging insights from more than a decade of driving data history matched with insurance claims and losses, segments are calculated by proprietary risk algorithms that predict the risk of loss.

“Traditional consumer marketing methods are limited, as they’re based on assumptions about demographics and shopping behavior, not tied to the best probability of a driver’s risk of insurance loss or policyholder profitability. This creates inefficiencies for marketers as well as inequities with how individuals are exposed to opportunities. Arity can cut out the guessing game and ensure you spend acquisition marketing investment on your most ideal customers.” – Fred Dimesa, Director of Advertising and Data Solutions at Arity.

According to Arity, the data is collected at the individual level and scored against its models. In order to use it for targeting, Arity groups users into segments based on the scores. Also, individual data is not sent to carriers as it is not needed to do targeted advertising and the audience segments can be accessed through any digital platform the advertiser wishes to use. One such digital platform is LiveRamp, a San Francisco-based SaaS company that offers a data connectivity platform.

Bottom Line: “The top quartile of Arity-scored drivers has 3.3x greater lifetime value to insurance providers relative to the average.”