ASIROM Launches Online Claims Service

As of May, car insurance policyholders can file claims online with ASIROM now that the Romanian insurer introduced an e-app for auto damage notification.

We have developed the online damage reporting application by thinking about the customer’s need to quickly and easily resolves the consequences of a car incident. The focus is on constant improvement of customer experience in relation to ASIROM, and the significant impact that such services at the company’s portfolio, with over 90% of the compensation given are related to car events.” – Board Member at ASIROM, Cristian Ionescu.

Customers can access the app via their mobile device or a desktop and file a claim “in less than 10 minutes.” The product has been developed with Claim Expert, an ASIROM partner and part of the Vienna Insurance Group, specializing in finding and assessing auto damage.

“The information recorded in the application is automatically taken over by the management system for opening the claim file. In the absence of necessary information in the file, the client is notified via an SMS and can send the documents as a photo directly from your mobile phone. Thus, the application was designed to provide speed and convenience, simplifying any effort from the customer who no longer has to call the call center or to move for the finding.” – Claim Expert CEO Mikolaj Ovcaric.

Bottom Line: Planning to expand the e-app to home insurance.