Aspen and Ryan Specialty announce expanded trading relationship

Aspen has entered into agreement with Ryan Specialty Group to support a diverse international portfolio of delegated underwriting authority business.

With effect from January 1, 2022, Aspen has joined an additional seven programs from Ryan Specialty Underwriting Managers’ MGU portfolio. This arrangement harnesses the full scope of Aspen’s capabilities, in Insurance, Reinsurance and Capital Markets. As part of this deal, Aspen will provide capacity across multiple platforms and geographies, with three programs in the U.S. and four programs in Europe.

“This expanded trading partnership showcases Aspen’s comprehensive capabilities, combining insurance, reinsurance and capital markets to deliver an innovative, risk transfer solution. We are grateful to the Ryan Specialty team for their trust and confidence and for the opportunity to bring this creative solution to bare, and in doing so further build on our strong trading relationship. We believe that this agreement is a blueprint for creative capital deployment, exemplifying our purpose to bring ‘clarity from complexity.’” – Mark Cloutier, Executive Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, Aspen.

“We’re excited about our substantially broadened delegated authority relationship with Aspen. Moreover, we are appreciative of their confidence in our underwriting capabilities and of their commitment to progressive solutions.” – Pat Ryan, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Ryan Specialty.

“In conjunction with Ryan Specialty, we contemplated the existing structure of each binder and had to develop a creative solution relative to capital deployment through our U.S./U.K. companies and Lloyd’s Syndicate 4711 to bring this to fruition. The trading partnership is a great testament to our technical underwriting capabilities and strong collaboration across our global platforms and products.” – Bruce Eisler, CEO US, and Chief Underwriting Officer, Aspen Insurance.