Assurant partners with Kudelski IoT to incorporate RecovR

Assurant has partnered with Kudelski IoT to incorporate RecovR, a lot management and theft recovery tool, into its Assurant Vehicle Care suite. RecovR, developed by Kudelski IoT, improves operational efficiency, aids sales teams in vehicle location, and provides an advanced theft recovery solution for dealers.

Assurant’s partnership with RecovR offers dealers an added revenue stream and a solution to the rising vehicle thefts in the U.S., which saw a 7% increase in 2022. RecovR provides dealerships with a free, advanced inventory management tool that also enhances operational efficiency. The wireless RecovR device uses advanced tech to give accurate vehicle positioning, making it easy for dealers to install and track vehicles in various conditions.

The RecovR platform offers the flexibility to integrate additional components, including vehicle OBDII health information and key location functionality. These enhancements provide dealerships with valuable data, enabling process transformation and driving revenue growth across various areas, including key retrieval, parts, and service offerings.

“Our partnership with RecovR will help us provide innovative digital tools and data our dealer customers need in today’s rapidly evolving competitive landscape,” said Joshua Sonnier, Assurant vice president of global strategy realization and product development. “The advanced positioning technology in RecovR brings significant value through innovative data, protection, and theft recovery capabilities.”

Hardy Schmidbauer, Senior Vice President of Kudelski IoT, emphasized the significance of RecovR’s partnership with an industry leader like Assurant. “This collaboration accelerates the reach of RecovR to a broader customer base, enabling Kudelski IoT to focus on leveraging its expertise in technology, asset tracking, and security to expand its solution offering for the automotive sector.” Schmidbauer added, “Our goal is to provide technology and data that will introduce new revenue sources and business models to the automotive industry.”