Atlas Financial Introduces On-Demand Insurance for Rideshare Drivers

Atlas Financial has announced the availability of optOn, a mobile, on-demand, commercial insurance product for rideshare drivers in Illinois.

“We understand that rideshare drivers are faced with unique challenges in the freelance economy. The optOn platform allows drivers the flexibility to choose the policy that works best for their budget and risk tolerance. In addition to engaging and supporting customers through a proprietary mobile platform, our customer-centric claims team with decades of experience will be ready to respond when claims occur.” – CEO Scott Wollney.

Key features of OptOn include: (1) Three different levels of coverage from which drivers can choose each time they initiate a policy. (2) Micro policies that last up to 4 hours with no monthly fees or subscriptions. (3) Coverage for all periods of rideshare driving. (4) Guidance on what to do after an accident and tools to report a claim.

Bottom Line: Stable Insurance comes to mind.