AXA offers secure Generative AI to employees

AXA is deploying AXA Secure GPT, an internal service built on Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service.

Developed in three months, in-house in collaboration with Microsoft, AXA Secure GPT gives AXA employees access to a digital platform, in a secured and data-privacy compliant Cloud environment. It enables enterprise-wide use of the transformative technologies of Generative AI and Large Language Models. AXA employees will be able to use AXA Secure GPT to generate, summarize, translate, and correct texts, images, and codes.

In its first stage, AXA Secure GPT has been made available to 1,000 employees of AXA Group Operations (AXA GO) with the aim being to roll out AXA Secure GPT to all 140,000 employees globally in the coming months.

“As a responsible insurer, we are very proud to have developed a secured platform for our employees providing access to AI at large scale and leveraging innovative solutions to better serve our customers. AXA Secure GPT will soon be a tool for our day-to-day work. Use of open tools can lead to serious issues, including data leaks, security breaches and loss of intellectual property. AXA has once again demonstrated its ability to innovate fast, leveraging our cloud-based infrastructure. By doing so, AXA is becoming one of the first global insurers to develop such a platform at scale while managing potential risks.” – Alexander Vollert, Group Chief Operation Officer and CEO of AXA Group.