AXA Partners with Autonomous Vehicle Maker

AXA and NAVYA, the French company which develops autonomous vehicles, announced a 3-year partnership to develop insurance solutions tailored to autonomous vehicles.



As part of the partnership, AXA will provide NAVYA with insurance solutions to accompany its vehicle manufacturing business, along with designing customized insurance offers for its operator clients. In return, NAVYA will share its data with AXA, which will gain a more in-depth knowledge of autonomous vehicles, in order to offer insurance solutions that are suited to this new type of mobility.


“This partnership with AXA is an important milestone in NAVYA’s development. For a benchmark player in autonomous mobility, it is strategic to be able to join forces with a global insurance leader in order to develop a specific solution for users of new transport services, and hence contribute to enhancing our offering and improving our quality of service.” – CEO of NAVYA, Christophe Sapet.


“We are delighted to be launching this partnership with NAVYA. By supporting its development, we will enhance our knowledge of the risks associated with the emergence of autonomous vehicles, and thus be able to provide offers and services that are increasingly adapted to our clients. In keeping with our previously-announced collaborations with innovative new transport players, this partnership further strengthens our ambition of being the benchmark insurer for new types of mobility.” – Chief Innovation Officer at AXA, Guillaume Borie.