Baloise is Redefining Personal-Items Insurance

Model ships, scooters, armchairs, headphones, barbecues, designer handbags, mobile phones, cameras, musical instruments – since January 2018, all these and more can be insured at Baloise. It takes just two minutes and a few clicks. This in cooperation with KASKO and Picsure (former Snapsure) developed made-to-measure insurance solution captures the zeitgeist and its popularity proves that it is the right strategy: “Last year, there were just a handful of items that could be insured individually. The response from our customers was extremely positive. We have now extended the range and will be the first true individual-item insurer in Europe – with possibly the smallest amount of small print. Our terms and conditions barely fill a single A4 page,” beams Wolfgang Prasser, member of the Executive Committee of Basler Insurance. “In addition to our younGo insurance product, which was developed especially for young people and offers simple, low-cost insurance for the under 30s, we are now meeting the needs of an additional, broad customer group, namely anyone who has a strong attachment to a personal belonging that wouldn’t normally be covered by specific insurance,” explains Prasser.