battleface partners with BringFido

Travel Insurance provider Battleface is working with pet travel brand BringFido to provide pet travel insurance coverage to protect pets and their owners while traveling domestically or internationally.

The travel pet package includes Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, and Pet Medical coverages. Pet Medical provides up to $2,000 in veterinary benefits (after $100 deductible), and $500 in Pet Return coverage to bring the pet home in case the policyholder gets sick while traveling and cannot accompany them. The Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption coverages include a unique covered reason that allows the policyholder to cancel or interrupt the trip in the event the pet becomes critically ill or dies, before or during the trip.

In terms of pet damage protection – if, while staying at a vacation rental home or hotel, the pet accidentally causes damage to the room, Pet Damage Protection provides up to $1,500 worth of coverage. Accidental damage caused by humans is also covered.

“Working with BringFido to meet this unique industry need has been very rewarding and exciting for the battleface team. One of the many advantages of pet travel insurance is that it can help alleviate the financial burden of unexpected events. Just like individual travel insurance, pet travel insurance can be especially important if your pet falls ill or is injured while you are traveling and you are far from your usual veterinarian. It also helps ease stress and anxiety about bringing your pet to an unfamiliar vacation destination and not knowing how they will react.” – Sasha Gainullin, CEO, battleface.

“We’re excited to bring battleface on board as our Pet Travel Insurance provider. Knowing that you and your furry friend are covered by insurance can help ease the stress and worry of traveling with a pet. You can enjoy your travels knowing that you have the protection and support in place if something goes wrong.” – Jason Halliburton, COO, BringFido.