Beazley offers Title IX for educational institutions

Specialist insurer Beazley has launched a comprehensive policy covering infringements of Title IX, the federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in any public education program. The policy provides coverage for employment practices liability (EPL) and sexual misconduct & molestation liability (SML) for educational institutions in the US that receive federal funding.

Lawsuits brought by students against educational institutions have evolved since the Title IX federal law was first passed. Along with uncertainties and fluctuations in the enforcement environment, Title IX complaints have become more complex and difficult to manage.

Beazley has been underwriting EPL and SML for over 20 years and has deep experience of the risks faced by educational institutions. The launch builds on Beazley’s experience in risk management and crisis response services and strengthens Beazley’s commitment to helping clients mitigate the risks they face daily. 

EPL and SML coverage under the policy includes:

  • Loss resulting from any employment practices claim
  • Sub-limited defense costs resulting from any wage and hour claim
  • Sub-limited employment event loss
  • Sub-limited defense costs resulting from any immigration practices claim
  • Sub-limited Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defense costs resulting from any OSHA citation
  • Loss resulting from any sexual misconduct and molestation claim
  • Safeguarding costs resulting from any sexual misconduct and molestation circumstance.

Employee on employee sexual molestation coverage can also be considered.

Paul Nash, head of employment practices liability at Beazley, said: “Even the most informed and diligent educational institution runs the risk of a Title IX complaint. We understand the challenges and have developed a solution that provides comprehensive coverage and crisis response services to help our clients address areas of potential risk and – if needed – to provide support in dealing with crisis response, communication and management.”

The cover provides EPL and SML limits of up to $10m.