Beesafe insurance products are built from scratch

Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) has launched an online auto insurance brand Beesafe in Poland in partnership with its Polish subsidiary Compensa. Prospects can purchase and claim online as well as add ‘useful extras’ e.g. coverage when riding a scooter or door-to-door car repair service. And there’s also the option to collect rewards along the way.

“With simple motor insurance policies and optional additional modules, the primary goal is to address a growing, digitally affine customer segment that is difficult or impossible to reach through the conventional ways of contact with insurance companies. According to current analyses, this customer segment will reach an attractive size with considerable growth potential in the coming years. The COVID-19 pandemic in particular has substantially increased the use and benefits of digital offers and services. During the pandemic, we were able to conclude most of our motor insurance policies via remote sales channels. This applied both to tools used by our intermediaries and to direct clients, where we already have the successful direct sales brand Benefia24 in Poland. We are therefore now focusing on an additional innovative customer solution at the right time. As the largest motor insurer in the CEE region, we are using our high level of expertise in this segment, coupled with the use of state-of-the-art technologies to meet the requirements of customers with a new concept. We are also thinking about future customer-centric innovations. The idea is that we are constantly checking the acceptance of the digital offer and, if necessary, thanks to the flexible IT platform and start-up specific agile way of working, we can quickly remove or adapt modules again.” – VIG CEO Elisabeth Stadler.