Belfius & Beyond

Belfius, the Belgium-based bank-insurer, is innovating and going beyond insurance. The company released this week its first digital auto insurance offering, allowing customers to purchase coverage by entering the license plate or snapping a photo of the registration number. In addition, customers can also initiate a claim through the app and follow up on repairs and status.

But that’s not all. The company recently took its first steps beyond banking and insurance by launching Jaimy, an online platform that connects individuals with home improvement professionals.

Available to customers and non-customers with plans to be integrated into the Belfius app, the new platform gives Belfius a new source of income by selling leads to professionals, along with a new distribution channel for selling insurance products, as the company looks to gain market share.

And while speaking of a Belgium insurer going beyond – Ageas – one of the largest European insurers comes to mind. The company recently unveiled Connect-21, its 3-year strategic plan for 2019-2021. The plan? Beyond insurance – “The expectations of our customers are changing and the next 3 years we will ensure that we have the right response to these changing needs. This means that we will have to focus more on new territories outside of the traditional world of insurance, using new technologies and evolving more towards ecosystems.” – CEO of Ageas, Bart De Smet.

Bottom Line: Coverager is all for going beyond.