Bingo pivots

In May 2020, we covered pet insurance startup Bingo. The company launched with an “intelligent dog insurance” offering and a partnership with Boost Insurance. The product was underwritten by State National, marking its first pet insurance program.

Unlike other pet insurance companies, Bingo required a pet owner to download an app (iOS only) to receive a quote. The app also included additional features such as the ability to submit claims and it even had a ‘health’ feature where Bingo could track the owner’s location and motion while walking the dog for the sake of coaching and helping the owner become a better pet parent.

Today, Bingo’s ‘get a quote’ button doesn’t seem to be functioning and its iOS app is no longer available on the App Store. According to a source Bingo is moving away from its original offering but it appears that the company isn’t exiting the insurance space altogether. Here’s a screenshot of Matt Gordon’s LinkedIn profile, the founder and CEO of Bingo.