Bivvy discontinues sales of pet insurance policies

In a message displayed via its site, Bivvy , the pet insurance brand by TruStage , makes clear that it is no longer selling pet policies. “We are not opening new Bivvy policies at this time. We encourage you to check out our friends at Spot Pet Insurance instead!”

According to the LinkedIn profile of Bivvy President Dan Murray, who co-founded and led this “rapidly growing business created in the SafetyNet Innovation Lab” – Bivvy went from pilot to revenue in six months and was “successfully sold.” He also shared that the brand produced $10 million in revenue in three years.

The Madison-based pet insurance and wellness provider was launched to offer pet insurance for “just” $10 per month for any pet, regardless of age, size, gender, or breed. “Plus, your cost won’t go up just because you make a claim.” There is, however, a $2,000 payout limit a year. The startup later increased pricing by 50% to $15 a month.

Bivvy redirects prospects to Spot Pet Insurance , which was founded in 2019 to provide pet insurance in the US (and now in Canada) through United States Fire Insurance Company, a Crum & Forster affiliate.