bolttech offers insurance via Tiki

bolttech announced its partnership with Vietnam’s e-commerce platform Tiki to offer device protection plans to customers when they purchase a smartphone or tablet on Tiki.

The device protection program with Tiki offers device repair and care services covering accidental and liquid breakage. It includes device replacement for the aforementioned breakage and includes a convenient doorstep pickup and delivery service.

“Vietnam’s digital revolution is driven primarily by the country’s booming e-commerce industry. We are delighted to partner with Tiki, one of Vietnam’s largest all-in-one e-commerce platforms, to cater to the evolving needs of consumers in Vietnam looking to protect their devices.” – Mark Simmons, Chief Executive Officer of Device Protection, bolttech.

In addition to the initial device protection offering, Tiki and bolttech are working to offer other protection and insurance products to Tiki’s customer journeys in the coming months.