BondExchange partners with BrightFire

Surety-focused wholesale insurance agency Bond Exchange has partnered with digital marketing company BrightFire to help agents establish and grow their surety bond business.

“Surety bonds are a hidden gem for agents, generating not only commissions but new customers with multiple insurance needs. Yet for the typical agent, surety bonds too often require a large time investment relative to the value of the premium written. BondExchange and BrightFire are partnering to offer solutions to independent agents, empowering them to make their surety bond business simple, seamless and successful. BrightFire and BondExchange’s values and long-term strategy align perfectly. Both of our organizations are built on creating value for insurance agents, enabling agencies to become more efficient and ultimately grow their businesses. We are excited to work with BrightFire in pursuit of this continued development.” – Jackson Cromer, President of BondExchange.

“At BrightFire we provide independent insurance agents with done-for-you digital marketing that delivers results and ongoing service they love. We’re thrilled to have in BondExchange a partner who shares this vision and commitment. We look forward to rolling out our collaboration with BondExchange and helping independent insurance agents build their business with surety bonds.” – Michael Garner, CEO of BrightFire.

BondExchange and BrightFire’s partnership is built on providing insurance agents with best in class technology and service to grow and develop their businesses.