Brilliant Earth to Integrate Everledger Blockchain Solution

Everledger has announced a partnership with e-commerce jewelers Brilliant Earth, a leader in ethically sourced bridal and fine jewelry . The two companies aim to implement a blockchain-based system for Brilliant Earth’s supply chain to provide stakeholders with an immutable history of authenticity and ownership.



The strategic partnership jumpstarts the process of defining next-generation standards in the jewelry industry through a collaborative approach, with both Everledger and Brilliant Earth well-established with leading efforts in the commitment to promote transparency and responsibility in the industry. Everledger’s blockchain-based technology solution will be integrated with Brilliant Earth’s supply chain to seamlessly and securely track gemstone origin, and provide greater consumer assurance for responsible practices.


“We are excited to develop this strategic partnership with Brilliant Earth, which sees further expansion of our real-world application of emerging technology to facilitate the transformative approach to industries for a more sustainable and responsible profile. Our hybrid technical model encompasses next-level solutions which include the use of smart contracts to empower the blockchain, allowing new value-added services integral to facilitate compliance to standards in a seamless and speedy manner” – Everledger Founder & CEO, Leanne Kemp.


Bottom Line: the brands plan to pilot multiple aspects of the Brilliant Earth supply chain to be on Everledger’s blockchain-based solution platform, starting with diamonds and aimed at eventually expanding beyond into precious metals and colored gemstones for maximum cross-industry impact.