Buckle partners with Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Rideshare insurance company Buckle is partnering with Cambridge Mobile Telematics to bring the DriveWell telematics platform to its gig economy drivers.

Buckle members who choose to participate in the program receive an immediate discount when signing up with “steeper discounts” available at renewal based on careful driving habits. Discounts are based on a driving score based on five factors – harsh acceleration, braking or swerving, speeding, and phone use.

The program will launch with availability to members in Maryland and Nevada this month and is expected to be an option for all Buckle members later this year.

“The DriveWell Score is simple to use, it’s the most experienced platform on the market, and it gives our members the ability to both monitor their own safety and get the best price for their auto insurance coverage, whatever their activity and vehicle they drive. Buckle coverage already gives our members peace of mind and this program provides an added layer of assurance that their premium is transparent and fair.” – Andrew Sand, head of product management at Buckle.

“Cambridge Mobile Telematics has developed behavior-based technology solutions for major insurance providers across the world, and we are delighted to add Buckle as a valued partner. Our vision has always been to make driving a safer experience for everyone. Building on our successes to provide dedicated solutions to the gig economy, DriveWell Score puts our technological advances in mobile sensing, machine learning, and behavioral science directly in the hands of rideshare and delivery drivers and encourages substantial improvement through awareness and incentives.” – Ben Bowne, vice president, Global Sales & Partnerships at CMT.