Bupa launches Bupa Ventures

Bupa has announced the creation of Bupa Ventures, a $20 million venture capital fund aimed at investing in Australian healthcare startups. The fund will focus on early-stage investments from Seed to Series A, targeting a wide range of health sectors including predictive healthcare, genomics, and remote monitoring to personalize and streamline healthcare services.

Nick Stone, Bupa APAC CEO, emphasized the role these startups will play in shaping the future of healthcare by leveraging new technologies to meet customer needs and making healthcare more tailored and cohesive. He highlighted the agility of startups in addressing healthcare challenges and Bupa’s commitment to enhancing healthcare through personalization and integration, placing patients at the heart of the service.

Bupa, a British-founded global non-profit health insurance fund, has actively engaged with the Australian and New Zealand startup ecosystems, notably through its eco-Disruptive program which awarded Sydney-based Cassava Bags in 2022. Cassava Bags, recognized for its biodegradable products, exemplifies the innovative solutions Bupa aims to support.

The venture into venture capital represents Bupa’s ongoing effort to foster innovation and sustainability within healthcare. Bupa Ventures will offer startups access to Bupa’s resources and global customer base, aiming to accelerate growth and impact in healthcare.