Cake & Arrow to host upcoming webinar exploring de-risking digital investments in insurance with design

Learn how design can help insurance companies maximize digital investments, optimize costs, and enable continuous innovation and relevance

Cake & Arrow is excited to announce an upcoming webinar, De-risking Digital Investments in Insurance with Design: Key Strategies for Leveraging Design to Maximize ROI, set to take place on February 28th at 12 pm ET.

Whether launching a new product or evolving an existing one, investing in digital products and services in insurance carries inherent risks, from low user adoption, regulatory challenges, and market fit issues to managing costs and timelines and ensuring continued relevance. And when budgets are tight, these risks can be a hurdle to greenlighting significant digital investments.

In this webinar, presenters will explore how insurance carriers can leverage design principles and methodologies, including tactical UX initiatives, to maximize digital investments. 

Attendees will: 

  • See the ROI of investing in design
  • Learn fail-fast strategies to identify and address design flaws quickly
  • Understand how to incorporate ongoing user feedback into the design process
  • Encounter real-life examples of how design-driven approaches have successfully de-risked digital investments for insurance clients


Kate Muth, Director of Strategy, Cake & Arrow

Josh Levine, Founder & CEO, Cake & Arrow

Bryan Seiter, Director of Growth & Strategy, Cake & Arrow

This webinar is free and open to decision-makers looking to make smart, impactful digital investments that will drive results and customer experience leaders interested in leveraging design to achieve success on their CX initiatives. You can register for the webinar here:

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