Cambridge Mobile Telematics launches FuelStar

Cambridge Mobile Telematics announced the launch of FuelStar, a new app that helps consumers save on gas by showing them how to drive more efficiently.

FuelStar analyzes driving patterns that consume gas faster such as rapid acceleration, speeding, and hard braking. The app uses physics-based smartphone sensor data to predict gas consumption by analyzing a person’s driving behaviors and matching it with their vehicle’s make, model, and year. FuelStar deploys on-phone data processing to provide optional real-time audio alerts for inefficient driving, helping drivers save even more. The app also delivers personalized recommendations for how a driver should modify their driving behaviors to save.

FuelStar is currently available for free on the App Store.

“We saw that people across the country were struggling with high gas prices and wanted to create a solution to help ease the burden. FuelStar was born out of the idea that by making small changes to driving behavior, people can dramatically reduce how often they need to buy gas – and those savings add up. The mom who spends $240 a month to fill up her Honda Accord once a week could save $95 on her monthly gas bill with help from FuelStar.” – Rafi Finegold, SVP of Product for CMT.