Canada’s Oldest P&C Insurer Launches API


Canadian P&C insurer Gore Mutual has recently announced the availability of its digital sales API to allow brokers to quote and bind products directly from their own site or app . The company plans to expand its digital offering by rolling out at least 10 new API-based products this year.


Gore Mutual also announced the creation of an annual Initiation Fund to enable digitally-connected brokers to test new workflows and e-commerce opportunities. The fund will be accessible by brokers using the API directly with Gore Mutual or through its e-commerce partner BrokerLift. (Note: Gore is an investor in BrokerLift).


Two more things. One. Gore also launched a new subscription billing option via BrokerLift to allow policyholders to pay for their insurance “just like any other online subscription.” Customers can choose to receive their monthly policy electronically or opt for their broker to securely store the policy documents. Two. It is busy working on a digital lab, with a focus on automation and will partner with a startup incubator to accelerate the digitization of its business.