CapIntel partners with Canada Life

CapIntel, a financial technology company that connects wealth advisors and their clients using an “intuitive sales platform,” announced a strategic relationship with Canada Life that will enable the company’s approximately 3,000 advisors to deliver personalized advice and proposals with more transparency and efficiency.

Founded in 2017 and with over 9,000 advisors using the platform, CapIntel streamlines time-consuming tasks so advisors can focus on providing wealth advice. Advisors can bridge recommendations into easy-to-understand client proposals and at the same time, CapIntel’s embedded compliance management features will help Canada Life advisors address upcoming client-focused reforms more efficiently.

“At Canada Life, we’re always evolving how we help advisors build better businesses and serve more Canadians. As regulatory requirements continue to rapidly evolve, we want to help advisors adapt their businesses and navigate through these changes. Investing in technology is key to that. By working with a great fintech firm like CapIntel, we’ll be able to help streamline advisors’ compliance activities, allowing them to maximize their time with clients.” – Tim Prescott, president, Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. and SVP, Wealth Distribution and Advisor Compliance, Canada Life.

“Canada Life’s leading the way with personalized, advice-driven engagement with their clients and we’re proud that CapIntel will be integral in bringing this vision to life. By helping advisors address product fit in a meaningful way while delivering proposals efficiently, collaborating with clients and, ultimately, setting their clients up for financial success, our strategic relationship will serve as another milestone in building a pleasant client experience that’s built on personalization and trust.” – James Rockwood, CEO, CapIntel.

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