Care by Volvo car subscription now more flexible than ever

Care by Volvo, the only national flat rate car subscription service, is now more flexible than ever with new customers having the option to upgrade or return a new subscription any time after the first four months. The flexible subscription enhances Care by Volvo as an alternative to traditional car leasing and financing and is inclusive of maintenance and insurance costs.

“Care by Volvo has been very popular in bringing new people into the Volvo brand. By offering our customers flexibility alongside insurance, tire protection, maintenance and other services, we believe Care by Volvo is the most flexible all-inclusive option available when it comes to car ownership.” – Head of Care by Volvo, VCUSA, Peter Wexler.

Earlier this year, the Care by Volvo offer was expanded to include vehicles in retail stock, meaning customers can walk into a Volvo retailer, choose to finance, lease or subscribe to any car they see, and drive away in a vehicle the same day. The change also allows Care by Volvo customers access to a wider range of Volvo models and trim levels allowing for greater choice and a potentially lower monthly payment.

Offered in partnership with Volvo retailers throughout the country, updates to the Care by Volvo program offer customers added flexibility and ease, reducing the complexity in car ownership.