Care by Volvo, Coverage by Liberty

“Volvo is providing insurance at a uniform flat fee, no matter the customer profile, through the subscription service in a partnership with Liberty Mutual” – Anders Gustafsson, Volvo Cars’ newish CEO of North America .

Care by Volvo is a subscription-based, flat-fee VIP service that the automaker believes could become a “revolution” for the company. It’s an all-inclusive way to have a new Volvo without any of the hassles of ownership. There’s no negotiation, long-term commitment or compromise. And, drivers can upgrade to a new Volvo in as little as a year. Set to launch in December. Bottom Line: not the first Volvo – Liberty collaboration.

PS. A similar subscription service – Book by Cadillac – offers ‘vehicle use’, insurance, and ‘reasonable maintenance’ for $1,800 a month. Insurance is managed by ESIS, a Chubb company. Download Book-by-Cadillac-member-agreement.