Cennairus Cyber and Ascend Collaborate to Automate Wholesale Broker Billing and Payments, Driving Operational Efficiency

San Francisco, CA – February 15, 2024 – Cennairus Cyber, a wholesale insurance brokerage specializing in cyber and technology errors and omissions insurance, is excited to announce its partnership with Ascend, the industry’s premier financial operations automation platform, to streamline finance operations unique to wholesale insurance brokerages. This collaboration aims to optimize Cennairus Cyber’s billing and payments processes, including an insured direct bill experience, leveraging Ascend’s advanced automation capabilities to improve efficiency and accuracy.

“Our partnership with Ascend underscores our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in all aspects of our business,” said Abe Gibson, Partner at Cennairus Cyber. “By joining forces with Ascend, we embrace their state-of-the-art technology and expertise to optimize our finance processes. This collaboration will allow us to efficiently handle complex financial tasks, ultimately benefiting our clients with a seamless and streamlined experience.”

Cennairus Cyber can seamlessly integrate Ascend into its payment workflows, unlocking the potential to expedite reconciliations, modernize the agency bill and direct bill experience for agents and insured clients. By leveraging Ascend’s capabilities, Cennairus Cyber maximizes operational efficiencies and creates a streamlined, user-friendly customer experience, propelling the company toward enhanced success and growth.

“We are delighted to join forces with Cennairus and support their commitment to operational excellence and eliminating the headaches of legacy wholesale,” said Andrew Wynn, CEO of Ascend. “Our financial operations solution will simplify wholesale billing and payments, strengthening the insurance ecosystem and driving industry-wide progress. Together, we are shaping the future of insurance operations.”

The partnership between Cennairus Cyber and Ascend represents a dynamic collaboration that aims to raise the bar in MGA billing and payments processes. By leveraging Ascend’s automation capabilities and Cennairus Cyber’s commitment to innovation, this partnership will revolutionize how insurance businesses handle their financial operations, setting new industry standards.

About Cennairus Cyber

Cennairus Cyber isn’t your average wholesale broker. We empower niche retail brokers with exclusive, industry-specific Cyber and Tech E&O programs that are custom built for you. Exclusivity, responsiveness, and deep broker expertise fuel your success, helping you win more business and stand out from the crowd. Learn more at www.cennairus.com. 

About Ascend 

Ascend is the only industry solution that automates the entire insurance payment lifecycle, including collection, accounting, reconciliation, and disbursement. Businesses using Ascend experience improved operational efficiencies, treasury management, and customer experience – resulting in increased profitability. To learn more about how Ascend can transform your business, please visit www.useascend.com.

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Mike Nguyen


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