Chaucer Insurance partners with Gabriel

Specialty insurer and reinsurer Chaucer has partnered with Tel Aviv-based technology company Gabriel  to create a new insurance product for mass shooting events.

Founded in 2016, Gabriel has developed a proactive emergency response solution for active shooter, workplace violence, and other emergencies. Its platform utilizes detection and sensor technology to send automated alerts with video when a threat is detected – “within seconds, first responders have real time intelligence which decreases response time and saves lives.”

Customers who purchase active assailant cover from Chaucer, will have an incident security dashboard built and installed by Gabriel, and Merrill Herzog will assist with crisis response when an incident is triggered.

The new product offers comprehensive coverage, encompassing property damage, business interruption, and liability in the event of an active assailant incident at the insured’s premises or adjacent locations. Additionally, it extends coverage to business interruptions resulting from active assailant threats and loss of attraction post-incident.